Arent we all the same. Being a psycholoy major.. I have been tought about individual differences. But hey.. I guess we all are just so similar souls trying to find our own unique selfs. 

This blog is what we all are in general. The perks of being infinite…the perks of being just youself… the perks of being who you are and not what others want us to be. If you are looking for some great writing..great english..vocabulary..material then im sorry to disappoint you. This is from an insane little grownup girl to all those people who believe in being infinite thats it. In any manner.

Here its about writing my heart out..reaching you people as we are similar souls. We make mistakes..we grow…we fall..we cry..we are happy for our own silly reasons…we have a life. Why not just do what we want. Like I feel like writing a blog today…and hellyeah im doing that. You might find it useless..find grammar mistakes..wrong spellings…and think whatever the hell you want. But im still gonna write it. You know why?

Because it makes me happy. So go ahead and do what you want. 

There are no limitations or boundations to anything if we perceive it that way. Understanding the perks of being infinite I believe can sort that messed up heads we try to control all day and shut it up while sleeping with great difficulties. So many questions…packed baggage of emotions… so many unsolved issues. Phewwwww I need  break atleast. We all need it.

Why not do nothing…just be there in our most comfortable peice of ugly looking clothes…uncombd hair..just be there doing nothing and be at peace. Like for I dont give a damn attitude. Sounds good. no? Insane? 

Well thats perks of being infinite.